New beginnings – Life Update!

So much has happened so I left this blog to wander the dusty plains of the internets alone. Here is a quick life update:

1) Biggest news first – our family has grown! We welcomed our 2nd daughter, Juniper, in April. She’s a totally laid back baby. We’ve been calling her spud.

2) I still feel like crap! This post-partum period has been very similar to my last experience. I feel pretty great during pregnancy and than once I’ve had the baby I go back to feeling my “normal” sub-par self including IBS symptoms, migraines and psoriasis flare-ups. These symptoms + some baby weight is challenging my normally very positive body image.

3) Instead of searching the internet for quick fixes to get my health issues sorted out I went straight to a professional. I have started working with a registered dietician/nutritionist to identify any food sensitivities and heal my guy! More to come on this front! I am super stoked to be beginning this healing journey.

4) My husband (he teaches) got a full-time tenure track position at a local junior college!! There is no way for me to be more proud of him and this accomplishment.

5) Our first baby isn’t a baby anymore – she’s almost 3! And has opinions. And voices them readily. And hates the potty.

Overall, life is good. And I want to start regularly sharing the good and not SOOO good with ya’ll again.

xo Sarah

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