Upside Down Banana Bread and How to tell if you’re Pinterest recipe will work

You’ve been there. You been perusing Pinterest’s Food & Drink section and a picture catches your eye. “Well..don’t you look delectable..” you think as you click on the Pin for more information. And then it leads you to a page that consists of 90% ads, the same single picture from the original pin and an oddly suspicious recipe that’s just floating out alone on the interwebs. Where is the cute food blog? The reader comments and reviews? Is the internet self generating recipes at this point?!?

It can be scary to sink time and delicious resources into a recipe like this. No one wants to experience an epic Pinterest fail. So how do you know if that recipe is bunk or if you’re missing out on perhaps the most perfect mock Starbucks Frappuccino that ever existed?

Check the Ingredient List

First, check out that ingredient list. Is everything on the list noted in the recipe? Does each ingredient have a clear unit of measure-especially for baked goods? Are ingredients sectioned off to match section of the recipe, ex: For the Cake, For the Topping?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions you might have a whacked out recipe. Being clear on the ingredients should be the recipe writers first focus.

Read Through the Recipe

Always read through a recipe before you start cooking. Please. It will save you so much heartache and dirty dishes. Again, check to make sure that all the ingredients are listed. Check to see if you are suppose to use all of that sugar or a ½ cup in the cake and a ½ cup in the frosting. Look for specifics. A good recipe writer will give clear instructions like “over medium high heat” instead of “cook on the stove”. If at any point you have no idea what the recipe is asking you to do then bounce! You can find a better recipe! I promise.

All that being said I totally impulse baked a recipe from Pinterest despite deciding it had a probable 50% success rate.

But look at this yum-tastic picture spread-

I mean come on!

Now what I should have done was baked my favorite banana bread but with the added upside-down-cake inspired toffee sauce and banana slices (which I will definitely be doing ASAP). What I got was an OK banana cake with a righteous topping. Seriously, I just sliced 1 ½ inches of the top off and ate that because OMG it was yummy.


So learn from my mistakes. Check your recipe and when something seems off then head for the hills! Or be prepared to just eat the top!



Upside-down Banana Bread


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