Whole 30 Diary – Day 19

*this post discusses breastfeeding on the Whole30 – so if that’s not your jam skip this one*

I’m breastfeeding on the Whole30 and it’s been challenging. Like, production took a complete nose dive by day 4 and hasn’t recovered challenging. When I say “nose dive” I’m pumping at 50% of where I was at preWhole30. Let me qualify this statement by saying that I can only be sure of the quantity of milk I am producing from 8am-5pm while I am at work. I don’t (usually) pump at home so I cannot be positive if those numbers have dropped by the same amount, although I suspect they have.

At first I scoured the internet looking for any way I could enhance my supply. I drank the tea (dude, Mother’s Milk tea without honey taste like ass), I drank extra water, I added a snack to meals, I added carbs, I drank more water, I tried not to get stressed about the fact that I couldn’t feed my baby.

I was already supplementing with formula when I started the Whole30. My milk supply took it’s first dip when I returned to work and despite adding extra pumping sessions, water and that god-awful tea I was having a hard time boosting supply even then. Making the decision to add formula was incredibly difficult. I felt like I had let me daughter down.

And then I stopped and looked at my baby. And she was happy. And healthy. And all was well in her world. And I decided to be a little less worried about this one thing. Because if I continue with the Whole30 I know I am on a path to make myself happy and healthy. And that will make me a much better mom. And that is all I want.


She’s conked- I still got it. #milkdrunk


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