Whole30 Diary – Day 3

Food wise today went really well. If you haven’t tried monkey salad. Do it. Do it now. I’ll wait.

Isn’t it AMAZING! So satisfying. For bonus flavor toast the coconut flakes. *drool*

Physically today was rough. My work day was normal. Little drowsy in the afternoon but that’s par these days. In the evening I had plans to go out with my sister. She was buying her wedding dress. Kinda a big deal! A moment I was happy to be a part of. Except, I wasn’t apart of it. Because I was in the bathroom. Because day 3 at 6:30pm was the day my body decided that in response to my new diet it was going to make all the poop ever in the always. Yeah, not my best couple of hours. A little too “Bridesmaids”-y. In the movie it was hilarious. Real life? Not funny.

This is a normal response to a big diet change. And a couple hours later I was on the other side of it and doing fine. But heads up- the Tiger Blood might come after a sh*t storm.

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