Whole 30 Diary – Day 7-17

So I missed the daily journaling of this middle 1/3 of the Whole30. As stated in early posts – I got really, really, woefully sick after the first week. Even now I’m not 100%. But, despite being sniffly I’m proud of myself.

I made a big change in my life and I didn’t give up the moment it got inconvenient. And Melissa and Dallas were right – it really wasn’t all that hard. Though there was a moment on day 8 where I seriously considered eating all the throat lozenges (seriously, when does a sore throat wake you up from sleep- it was the worst).

Now to work on growing my nose skin back.

Speaking of skin – I’m experiencing a weird Whole30 side affect. I’ve always had psoriasis on my scalp and, for the most part, it doesn’t bother me. It’s a little itchy and flaky but manageable with a therapeutic shampoo. I did not start the Whole30 to improve my psoriasis. Digestive health has been my main focus. But since starting my psoriasis has gotten….

Way worse.

My whole scalp is red and itching and it’s started spreading onto my forehead. Not. Cute. It’s driving me completely insane. I sit at work and think about how I can’t scratch it. Be cool Sarah. Don’t scratch it. Do something else. Send an email. Yes…yes… Argh!

I know there are special restrictions in In Starts With Food for autoimmune diseases but I thought, meh, that’s not my main concern and I don’t need extra challenges. I was completely wrong. So starting yesterday I’ve made the necessary adjustments. No more eggs. No more nightshades. No more itching? God I hope so.

I’m kicking around the idea starting the Whole30 anew after this realization…but..I miss cookies.


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