Whole30 – Belated Wrap-up

To say I had my hopes up for this Whole30 program would be an understatement. All my eggs (because come on, it’s the Whole30, you need SO MANY EGGS) were in this one basket and I was so excited to start and come out this experience –

  • Having resolved my digestive issues and pinpointed my trigger foods
  • With zero scalp psoriasis and glossy flowing locks
  • And back to my prepregnancy weight

After having read “It Starts With Food” this list didn’t seem over the top. I was going to put good food in and reap the benefits.

And for 30 days I sauteed and scrambled and barbecued only foods that I could pronounce and I felt…the same.

Well, I did lose weight. Eight pounds to be exact. *UPDATE: as of today, 3 months post Whole30 I have not gained any of the weight back* Being back in my prepregnancy jeans feels pretty sweet. But the other issues remain annoyingly and uncomfortably unresolved.

Not what I was hoping for.

So did I gain anything (weight loss aside) from this experience?

Surprisingly yes.

I realized how addicted to sugar I am. How often I research for sugar laden foods without thinking and how easy it is to simply stop eating these foods. Sure, there may have been a day or two of withdraw but overall it wasn’t so bad. And by the end of 30 days I was feeling a lot less drowsy in the afternoon.

Meals made with whole foods are delicious and satisfying crowd pleasers. And I am really surprised by how many recipes I discovered because I was doing this diet have stayed in the regular rotation. Chicken mango meatballs? Freakin’ fantastic! Monkey Salad? The best dessert. And it was pretty easy to entertain. We have several friends over and nobody seemed to notice that they weren’t eating gluten or sugar or dairy. Crazy. Crazy delicious.

Black coffee is still gross. But coffee with coconut milk is totally boss. The best combo ever in life is coconut milk and Philz Philtered Soul.


I didn’t get all that I was looking for but I came away with a few additional tools to help my and my family live a healthier life. And that was well worth the 30 days.

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