Whole30 Diary – Day 1

Big Chicken Salad

Big Chicken Salad

I think for my own personal motivation I’ll try to pop in for a daily update on how the Whole30 is going. I would feel like a totally schmuck if I had to physically type that I caved and ate a mini Snickers bar. So here comes the thoughts, feelings, tips and tricks!

I think I’ll do today’s rapid fire style since there it’s only day one and insane cravings haven’t yet hit. Day 1- GO!

Eating ground beef for breakfast is weird.

Salsa makes weird things delicious.

Read the date on your salad greens. Seriously. Whole Foods totally sold me a container of mulch.

Cuties are freaking delicious.

Apparently rainy Sunday’s = popcorn. Historically speaking.

Running in the rain sounds badass but is really just wet. And very heavy. And not good  for beginners.

Day 1 was a piece of….um….chicken? Well it was pretty easy anyway. Onward!

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