Whole30 Diary- Day 20

Made Thai Coconut Soup for dinner last night. Recipe is linked in the Whole30 week 3 meal plan if you want to know the particulars. It. Was. Delicious! I loved it!

And I normally wouldn’t have made it because Nick…Nick hates coconut. He says it’s a texture thing but he’s lying to himself. He ate all of the chicken and veggies out of the soup leaving a cup of delicious coconutty broth behind and declared the he liked the soup but really he didn’t even eat the soupy part of the soup. He loves me so he suffered through it.

Nick has a history of being a picky eater – when I met him he thought he didn’t like beans. ALL BEANS! And over the years I’ve worn him down and he’s tried and liked a lot of new things. But he doesn’t like them all (coconut and mushrooms are still on his ick list). And it’s hard to get excited to cook something you know your partner will probably hate. I actually feel guilty about it. But sometimes I just want to cook something for me. And that soup was totally worth it. Sorry honey!

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