Whole30 Meal Plan – Week 2

Since I wrote this meal plan in the throws of the worse cold I’ve had in many, many years you’ll have to excuse me if it isn’t to adventurous or has much variety at all. It was written in the fog of the humidifier and in a sea of mostly used up tissues. Really I just wanted to cook as few times as possible because exerting any energy at all (even future energy) sounded terrible.


  • Breakfast- Breakfast Sausage and Scrambled Eggs (and an apple)
  • Lunch- Leftover chicken soup
  • Dinner- More leftover chicken soup


  • Breakfast- Skillet Eggs (and an apple)
  • Lunch- Still more chicken soup
  • Dinner- Steak and roasted asparagus


  • Breakfast-Blueberry Tortilla (this sounds so weird I had to try it)
  • Lunch- Leftover steak salad (steak, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, mixed greens and this dressing)
  • Dinner- Slow-cooker pork and sweet potato hash


  • Breakfast-Blueberry Tortilla
  • Lunch- Carnitas Salad (Chipotle style – romaine, guac, salsa and carnitas)
  • Dinner- Carnitas salad again!


  • Breakfast- Carnitas and Spinach Omelet
  • Lunch- Chicken Salad
  • Dinner- Green Chicken and Green Beans


  • Breakfast- Breakfast sausage and eggs
  • Lunch- Leftover Green Chicken
  • Dinner- More leftover Green Chicken


  • Breakfast- Breakfast sausage and eggs

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