Whole30 Diary – Day 5 and 6

I should have known when the baby got sick that it was going to hit the whole house. How could it not? All she does is drool and stick things in her mouth. We were doomed from the beginning. So now, almost a week into our first Whole30 my husband and I are sick. Not deathly ill but definitely all of the things mentioned in your normal Nyquil commercial are happening to us right now.

With sore throats, runny noses and pounding heads continuing with the Whole30 has been challenging. I want popsicles and noodle soup and throat lozenges! I don’t want ground beef. Or eggs. Or a salad. Instead of focusing on all of the want wants we’ve been trying some new tricks to snap us out of our boogery funk.

Breakout the Humidifier 

Humidifiers aren’t just for babies. We’ve moved the baby into our room so we can all share the air. Having moisture in the air helps keep your nasal passages moist and allows for quicker healing. It will also leave you with a dewy complication in the morning!

Drink ALL the Water

Don’t be a duh, stay hydrated and you’ll feel better faster. We’ve tried to add at least one water bottle (24oz) of H2O to our days.

Tea Please!

When all of the water get old try tea. There are a few available that are made to soothe sore throats but we’ve been drinking the Lemon Ginger by Stash. I feel like the lemon is soothing to the throat and the zingy ginger seems to help with congestion. Just sitting with the steamy cup under my chin has been helping.

Sleep. If you can get it.

We’re not nappers by nature but we’ve been embracing the nap. It can be hard to get 8 hours of zzzzz’s with a baby in the house (ours is a great sleeper, our cats on the other hand, are not). We’re trying to sleep when the baby sleeps – even when the baby is sleeping during the day.

This is our first time getting sick and not heading straight for the meds and surprisingly a more natural, holistic approach has been working…so far.

Now back to bed.


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